Dé Sathairn, Samhain 06, 2010

Some Samples of Islay Gaelic

Some Samples of Islay Gaelic for Comparison with Antrim (from Ionad Chaluim Cille Website) [1].

34. maidin [2] mhaith [3]
Maidin mhaith
Good morning

35. Thá [4] mi ‘fantáil [5] ann an Ìle
Tá mé ag fanacht in an Íle
I am staying/living in Islay

36. Latha maith [6]
Lá maith
Good day

37. Thá na páisteán [7] a’ cluich’ san uisge
Tá na páistí ag súgradh san uisce
The children are playing in the water

38. Go rabh maith agat [8]
Go raibh maith agat
Thank you

39. Dé timcheall air?
Cad é faoi?
What about it?


[1] http://www.iccile.co.uk/
[2] This is considered more an Irish form. Scottish Gaelic normal has ‘madainn’.
[3] This form is more similar to standard Irish that Rathlin Irish which had maidin mhath [va]
[4] This is the normal Scottish Gaelic form. Rathlin invariably employs ‘tá’ although ‘thá’ has [5] been recorded in North Donegal and is also in use throughout Munster.
[5] This was also one of the verbal noun forms of ‘fan’ that was to be found in Rathlin, the other being the related ‘fantain’, standard Irish having ‘fanacht’ although other forms occur in the spoken dialects.
[6] see footnote 17. Rathlin would have math [ma].
[7] see foot note 16.
[8] ‘go rabh maith agat’ is generally regarded as Irish but it is also considered a distinguishing feature of Islay Gaelic. The usual form of ‘thank you’ is Scottish Gaelic being the more northern form, ‘tapadh leat’. The Rathlin expression being ‘go rabh math agat’ although ‘go rabh math duit’ is also recorded.
[9] See footnote 10.

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