Dé Máirt, Samhain 17, 2009

Records of Glens Irish available on line

The Doegen Records of Irish dialects are available online.

"This digital archive of Irish dialect recordings made during 1928-31 comprises an important collection of early Irish language recordings of folktales, songs and other material. It includes recordings from many regions of Ireland where traditional Irish dialects have disappeared since the time the recordings were made."
Wilhelm Doegen, under whose supervision the records were made, more can be found out about him here
There are six recordings of Glens Irish in the collection. They can  found here.

Unfortuately there is no Rathlin material on them as there was an outbreak of flu on the Island the weekend in which they were recording in Belfast.

Still, there is some very good material from the Glens to be found.

This story is my personal favorite, it is the biblical story of the Prodigal Son. 

Listen to it here, the speaker is Brian Mac Amhlaoibh of Glenn Airimh. 

Bha[1] an dís mac ag an duine áirid. Dúirt an duine ab óige aca le a athair, "A athair, A athair. Tabhair, tabhair damh mo chuid. Tá mé ag dul ar shiubhal." Agus roinn seisean eatorr', a mhaoin eatorr'. Chuaigh sé ar shiubhal. Agus bhí sé cúig bliana déag ar shiubhal nuair a tháinig sé ar ais. Agus char aith-, cha rabh aithne ag a athair air. Dúirt sé le a athair, "Mise do mhac a bhí caillte." Agus nuair a chluin a athair sin chuaigh sé amach agus scairt sé ar a chuid lucht seirbhísigh a theacht isteach. "Seo mo mhac a bhí caillte. Tháinig fo réir. Tabhraibh[2] isteach an lao biata. Marbhaibh é. Ithibh, ólaibh agus bíbh go súgach."
A certain man had two sons. The youngest one said to his father, "Father! Father! Give me my inheritance. I am leaving." And [the father] divided his wealth between them. [The son] left. And he was gone fifteen years when he returned. And his father did not recognise him. And he said to his father, "I am your son who was lost." And when his father heard that, he went out and called for his servants to come in. "This is my son who was lost. He has returned willingly (?). Bring in the fatted calf. Kill it. Eat, drink and be merry."

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