Dé Máirt, Meán Fómhair 08, 2009

Some notes on Arran Gaelic

Here is a link to some notes on Arran Gaelic, Arran Gaelic was the closet Scottish Dialect to Rathlin.

These notes are taken from Nils Holmer's 'The Gaelic of Arran', see citation below.

This is the same Nils Holmer who wrote the 'Irish language in Rathlin Island' etc.

When are we going to recognize this man properly? 

Without him, we would know little of the Irish of the Antrim Glens, and only the bare bones of the Gaelic of Kyntyre, Arran, Rathlin and even County Clare! 

Here is a link to his Celtic Studies related work although his ' Studies on Argyllshire Gaelic ' (1938) appears to be missing from that biblo. 

Holmer (Nils M.): The Gaelic of Arran.
Dublin: D.I.A.S., 1957. viii + 211 pp.

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